Singing taxidermists

Singing taxidermists

Written by: Lora Quitane
Company: Shwawawa Productions, Winnipeg, MB
Venue: 29 – Richardson Hall (MTYP)

They are not your typical taxidermists. For starters, they sing and dance. But they still stuff things on animals for a living.

Taxidermy: The Musical is a story of two taxidermists who go through a journey of what it means to be a taxidermist.

A warning though: you might find the language and themes offensive. The musical touches on addiction, sexual innuendos, death, an imposing father, and musical theatre.

The four actors delivered strong performances especially Devon Gillingham (Herbie Shore). His loud voice and comedic timing generated the most laughs in the audience.

The production made the audience laugh for 90 minutes. The story had potential because it started on a grand musical number but the ending was kind of forced. It would also be better if they wore mics because it was difficult to hear them at times.

The show lost me at the end but the music was very catchy that some of the songs still play in my head.

3 out of 5 lumpia – tastes yummy