Shake your body at Canton Food Gallery on Friday night!

Shake your body at Canton Food Gallery on Friday night!

To make the Friday nights full of fun and music, and more important, more dancing, the management of Canton Food Gallery has introduced a “Friday Night Slambang” when prominent singers belt their songs and musicians strum their guitars, beat their drums and slam the cymbal!

The initial Friday night, Janaury 23, had the “Mon Tears Band”, a four-member band, played old favorites and pop musics and the presence of “Elvis Presley” impersonator! Their music had become addicted to dance enthusiasts.With friendly atmosphere at the Canton Food Gallery, everyone enjoyed the evening.

The dance floor became the showcase of great dancers, maskipops (maski papano) dancers, even line dancing graced the initial Friday opening.

“I want everybody to enjoy after a weekdays work,” Evelyn Pao, owner/proprietor, said. “We are making the Friday night to have a great experience for everyone who wants to enjoy hearing the music and dancing.”

Canadian and Filipino bands are featured performers in these Friday night outs.

Foods, snack and pulutan, are served along with wine and spirits.

For more information about this “Friday Night Slambang”, and also for Saturday and Sunday musical extravaganzas, please call Canton Food Gallery: 204.786.8860

Photos by Rod E. Cantiveros | Filipino Journal