Senator Enverga Reflects on his Fifth Anniversary in the Senate

Senator Enverga Reflects on his Fifth Anniversary in the Senate

Dear friends,

As I reach my fifth anniversary of being appointed to the Senate of Canada, there is much to reflect on and celebrate from my time thus far in Canada’s Upper Chamber. Many milestones and achievements have been reached over these past five years.

I have been keeping very busy in the Chamber, continuing my active involvement in every facet of the parliamentary process. I also continue to sit on several standing committees, all of which have demanding legislative agendas which are aimed at strengthening each and every bill that passes before it.

I am pleased to announce that since I first entered the Senate Chamber, many strides have been taken to strengthen Canada-Philippines relations. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to partake in several important bilateral announcements between the two countries, and have also worked closely with many representatives and officials of the Philippines, including several Philippines and Canadian Ambassadors, whose tireless work has helped in fostering the relationship between our two great countries.

Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to travel with numerous Canadian delegations, strengthening Canada’s relationship with countries around the globe. Through these instances, I have personally witnessed significant government-to-government and private sector commitments being made and carried out; a benefit to all.

I have also had the great opportunity to share and celebrate many joyous moments and events with you, the people of Canada. I cherish the time I have been able to spend celebrating this great country we call home.

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My duty as a Senator is to represent the Province of Ontario and to represent Filipino-Canadians from all over the country, to give them a voice at the federal level of government. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to have worked for you over the past five years and for all of your prayers and support. I greatly look forward to serving you for many more years to come! I am proud to represent you in the Senate of Canada.