Select Pharmacies in NCR to Administer 100 Booster Shots Daily

Seven pharmacies in Metro Manila will roll out 100 booster shots daily during the pilot run of the “Resbakuna sa mga Botika,” said National Task Force (NTF) adviser Dr Ted Herbosa .
All individuals aged 18 and above, aside from senior citizens and those with comorbidities, can avail the vaccine through the program, NTF said .

Walk ins are allowed but will be required to register online once at the pharmacies , according to Deputy Chief Implementer Vince Dizon.

“Our plan is that once a pharmacy starts, it will continue. The government will continuously supply them with vaccines,” Dizon added.

In an interview with CNN Philippines last Jan 20, Dizon said the seven pharmacies and clinic will administer COVID -19 vaccines daily from 8am-5pm after initial roll out.