Crspybnch and Sea Level 100 business owners: Mike and Jaybee Dizon, Claudine Tolentino and Lyndon Anasco

Sea Level 100 and Crspybnch is a joint business of friends Jaybee Dizon and Claudine Tolentino together with their husbands and another friend.

Sea Level 100 opened in January 2020 and Crspybnch was launched before both brands decided to re-open on September 1, 2020 at their Sargent location.

For the two months since they opened prior to the pandemic, the business was really doing good especially with dine-in service. But when COVID-19 hit in March, they felt how the traffic in their business slowed down.

“This second wave, even before the government announced the new measures on October 19, our dining has been closed for 3 weeks already,” Dizon said.

“We decided to close down the dining for our own safety. We have kids that we go home to,” Tolentino said.

The group also sees no use of opening the already small dining area where the protocols would still have to be reinforced.

Now, the business is mainly banking on pick up and delivery services.

“We rely on take out and delivery through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats for now. But still, we felt that the business slowed down,” Dizon said.

Since they are left with just pick up and delivery, they make sure that their service is efficient and rules in the pick up area are followed.

“We make sure the pick up spot doesn’t get crowded. We only allow one person at a time since we have a small space,” Tolentino said.

“And we also make sure that food service is flawless – from the time you place your order until the food gets to you.”

Though they are on Skip, Doordash and Uber Eats, the owners still see the advantage of customers picking up their own food.

“Instead of relying on Skip and Uber Eats which can also pose some risks in handling food, why not come here to pick up and you will be saving the resto 30%,” said the owners.

And while the group keeps innovating their menu, they ask for further help:
“Support local. Spread the word with families and friends. Advertise not only us but small businesses because everybody is struggling.”