SALO-Manila Nights Collab: Big Bang Boodle

SALO-Manila Nights Collab: Big Bang Boodle

The first rule of a boodle fight, eat with your hands. The second rule of a boodle fight, everyone talks about the boodle fight. The five courses featured favourite Filipino themed dishes with varying twists and interpretations.

Chef Allan Pineda’s BAON Manila Nights Filipino pop-up dinner hosted chef Yana Guilbuena from the US in her US-Canada culinary tour last weekend. Over 80 people lined the U-shaped community table in the basement of Knox Community Kitchen. Despite the sweltering heat in the basement and very little relief from the air conditioners, everyone was exited to feast in the SALO Series kamayan-style dinner.

The 2.5hr dinner service was slightly different from normal boodle fights. Individual courses were served as dishes were served on the same spot as the previous course, all on banana leaves. There were huge cheers from the crowd as 2nd and 3rd servings of rice were placed on the table.

The SALO-Manila Nights Boodle Fight menu included the following courses: First Course: Binagoongang Bahay Kubo Skewers: Local and Seasonal Gulay (Vegetables), Grilled and Smothered in Spicy Shrimp Sauce; Second Course:Pigar-Pigar: A Special Dagupan Dish With Sauteed Beef Short Ribs, Red Cabbage in Lettuce Wraps; Third Course: Crispy Kinalas: Pig’s Head Boiled and Broiled, Seasoned with Thai Chili Vinegar Served with Crispy Pancit Miki; Fourth Course: Lengua Kare-Kare: Tongue Served with Maple-Roasted Peanut Butter Curry and Topped with Crispy Deep-Fried Tripe; Fifth Course: Pheasant + Fote Gras Kaldereta Lumpia: Ground Pheasant, Fote Gras, Peas, Carrots, Red Peppers and Served with Kaldereta Sauce; Sixth Course: Bola-Bola Trio: Maha Blanca, Ube Ice Cream and Black + Wild Rice Suman Balls.

Chef Yana Gilbuena is a self-taught Filipina chef and originally started her 50-week pop-up dinner tour in the US. She has since add added Canadian stops to her Salo Project where she visits one town/city a week to host a Filipino pop-up kamayan style dinner.

Chef Allan Pineda will continue his BAON Manila Nights Filipino pop-up dinners on a monthly basis. He aims to continue collaborating with other Filipino chefs and culinary enthusiats and present Filipino food in new and exciting ways.

A boodle fight is a type of banquet where food is laid out on long tables dressed with banana leaves. Along the centre of the community table, rice is nicely place along the centre of the table and an assortment of dishes are piled on top. It’s a feast where everyone at the table uses their hands and cutlery is nowhere to be seen.

Photography by Peter Ruiz Noel Jacinto