Remembering you forever…

Oh, fourteen years of silent grief has turned into the celebration of your life fully lived, giving us the strength to continue your goals aimed to pursue but were cut short by your untimely demise.

However, those colorful threads of living memories of your unconditional commitments to help the vibrancy of the Filipinos in Winnipeg and beyond are woven into a living tapestry of your legacy as we heartily pursue the vision and mission of Rosalinda Natividad Foundation into a moving spirit of helping the young people to realize their dreams as inspired by your genuine legacy.

As strong as what you had said: “Sharing the piece of your heart to help others in need,” we continue moving forward to make this involvement happen.
Extending our thanks to our countless donors who have been making this foundation a living legacy of Rosalinda Natividad Cantiveros: a wife, mother, mentor, and friend.

Rod, Ron & Donna, Lorenzo Gabriel, Luc Gianno, Johnny, and our Cantiveros and Natividad clans.