Red Cross stops Covid-19 testing leading to more 4,000 OFWs stranded in Manila


At the height of the increasing number of COVID-19 in the Philippines, the Philippine National Red Cross has stopped testing the new arrivals of OFWs due to the non-payment of its services by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

Most of the stranded OFWs are housed in various hotels before they can go back to their home provinces which led to the financial squeeze on the COVID-19 funds

Philippine National Red Cross which has been serving the 25% of the testing facilities for the arriving OFWs, front liners and barangay officials claimed that PhilHealth owes more than P9 million.

The newly appointed CEO, former NBI Director Dante Gierran informed the public that the payment will be delayed due to some clarifications of the agreement between PhilHealth and the Philippine National Red Cross.

Lately, President Rodrigo Duterte, through Malacanang spokesperson, Secretary Harry Roque announced that Malacañang will pay for the amount owing to the Philippine National Red Cross to accommodate the urgent needs for the OFWs to return to their families.