Rapper Ez Mil Apologizes for Lyrics in “Panalo” Song

The song, “Panalo” by rapper Ez Mil has garnered more than a million views in Youtube; however, part of the lyrics has received criticism from some listeners deeming it to have “twisted Philippine history.”

Such line has Ez Mil rapping the words, “pinugutan si Lapu sa Mactan’ which never happened as far as our country’s history goes.

Ez Mil explained that the reason why he chose these words is because in weighing how to close a song, he would debate whether he would go for stating the truth of the events or have people talking about it.

Although he was very well aware that no such thing happened, he still went ahead with the latter option because he wanted to create a buzz and have people talk about his song.

And such tactic worked as this resulted in mixed reactions from listeners, with some agreeing and disagreeing to it while some are in-between.

Nevertheless, Ez Mil still issued an apology for having offended anyone with his marketing strategy.