On Profile: Local Concert Producer Marby John Aguilar Gutierrez

On Profile: Local Concert Producer Marby John Aguilar Gutierrez

Last issue, we started to give recognition to our local concert producers, acknowledging their hard work and their being instrumental in providing good band-music entertainment especially for the Filipino community in Winnipeg. Now, we are further drawing the magnifying glass closer to really know the persons behind such productions.

In time for the forthcoming concert of the Philippine Alternative Rock band Parokya ni Edgar, at Garrick Centre on March 26, I interviewed Marby John Aguilar Gutierrez, the man behind Pinoy Tribe Entertainment, one of the production teams that have been bringing in worthwhile acts to the city.

FJ: When and what was your first band production?
“It took place on November 16, 2011. The back-to-back concert of Parokya ni Edgar and Gloc-9 was my first time to try my hand in producing such events.”

FJ: What inspired you to start producing band concerts?
“It was just an accident. I just wanted to organize a small Filipino Event for the Filipino community in Winnipeg. And then someone encouraged me to try producing something big like the Parokya gig.”

FJ: What were some difficulties that you experienced during your first productions?
“The difficulty that I experienced during my first production was to move the venue from the original, smaller venue to a bigger one because 450 tickets got sold out in just 4 days. In the end, we were able to sell a total of 750 tickets. This number of ticket turnout obviously needed a larger-capacity venue, so I scouted for more options. Fortunately, I was able to find the best one; I pulled it off, considering the time left. It was pressuring, but I did it.”

FJ: What did you learn from the whole experience that made you better at producing now?
“I learned to trust and believe myself. I learned that if you believe in yourself, then everything can be achievable. Nothing is really impossible!”

FJ: Any tips for others who plan on producing shows.
“Do your homework. Producing is not that simple. It’s very easy to lose money if you don’t plan the project well.”

FJ: What age did you start producing?
“I was 28 when I produced my first event.”

So there, we read it from Gutierrez himself—that producing events is not really simple and easy money as one may think. It requires planning, perseverance, openmindedness, quick thinking, and most of all, enough capital to be able to start off. Remember, concert producing may be profitable, but the profits do not come right away. Like any business, it may start slow and will only pick up after a long while. So, smart planning and a wise sense of investment is really important. Most of all, one has to be also people-oriented—especially that productions involve dealing with one’s own team members and with one’s prospective market and clients.

Again, don’t forget—this coming March 26, prime Philippine band Parokya ni Edgar will be performing at Garrick Centre, in Downtown Winnipeg. For tickets and other inquiry, contact Marby at 204-962-2903.

Photo by AJ Batac