Precy Merluza crowned as Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014

Precy Merluza crowned as Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014

Funds to help the Haiyan typhoon victims

Glamour, beauty, creativity par excellence, friendship and unquestionable charitable commitments were highlighted as Precy Merluza was crowned as Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014, together with her court, Zeny Calimlim, Mrs. Luzon-Manitoba 2014; Fely Paredes, Mrs. Visayas-Manitoba 2014; and Gloria Magpali, Mrs. Mindanao-Manitoba 2014, a major fundraising project of the Manitoba Council of Canadian Filipinos Associations Inc.(MaCCFA), to contribute in the reconstruction projects in Samar or in Leyte.

The Saturday night proclamation and coronation, a dinner-dance event, was considered as a celebration of women who have been involved in the fund raising effort. In more than one and half-hour program, the strength of four women has been recognized, an affirmation that their role in the society is more relevant and timely.

Letty Antonio, chairperson of the pageant committee, says: “Women have a greater role in our society, and with this pageant initiated by MaCCFA, we have focused on the four ladies to help us raise fund to help our less fortunate kababayan, and with their efforts, with the fund is now available we are working to find ways to address our reconstruction plan.”

Since the foundation in 2009, MaCCFA’s mandate has been to help the victims of calamities, and it was done when the group helped raised money thru the Red Cross, the financial support to the Haiti’s earthquake victims; and the fundraising campaigns for Haiyan (Yolanda) victims.
In the glittering decor of Justin Merluza, the pageant went on smoothly as the guests were totally impressed by the four finalists’ passion to help the less fortunate kababayans in the Philippines.

As said by the newly-crowned Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014 Precy Merluza, in her thank you message: She said with smile: “First, I have to thank God for all the blessings, to my family, my in-laws, my relatives, my kumares and kumpares, my friends, my co-workers,and to the various officers and members of many Filipino associations like Lupao Association of Winnipeg, QPAM, BISAMAN, who had worked hard to help raise fund for our less fortunate kababayan in the Philippines; and to the officers and members of MaCCFA which gave the four of us the opportunity to realize mandate to help other people, and to our guests who have come to witness this unforgetable event. Our role as women in this pageant, with charity in our hearts, we have accomplished our mission to help others who are in need. Thank you very much.”

Other three winners Gloria Magpali, Mrs. Mindanao-Manitoba 2014, Fely Paredes, Mrs. Visayas-Manitoba 2014; and Zeny Calimlim, Mrs. Luzon-Manitoba 2014 had expressed their appreciation to all those who had helped them raised the funds to help the Haiyan victims in the Central Visayas. As they mentioned, the OFSAM, FILCASA and FIDWAN which they represented had been active in the solicitation of funds. Their families,relatives, friends and co-workers had helped, thereby helping our kababayans who are victims of calamities. During the pageant two special awards were given: Gloria Magpali, Mrs. Mindanao-Manitoba 2014 got a nod from her colleagues the title: “Mrs. Friendship Special Award: sash was pinned by Tony and Letty Antonio; Norman and Candy Padilla offered the flowers and Precy Merluza, Mrs. Philippines- Manitoba 2014 won the coveted special award: Best in Gown. The board of judges led by Violeta Odulio, Michele Cherski, Tova Vickar, Robin Small and Kenzie Nemez pinned the sash and offered the flowers. Clarita Nazario handed gifts for the two special awardees.

The following presenters include: For Gloria Magpali, Mrs. Mindanao-Manitoba 2013- Imelda Magno and Mario Javier, sash; Joni Magpali and Jean Guiang, bouquet of flowers; Joanna Macalino and Larry Vickar, crown; and Jacqueline Binayug Monay and Rod Cantiveros, trophy. For Fely Paredes, Mrs. Visayas-Manitoba 2014- Dory Custodio and Steve Lipischak, sash; Dolora Paredes and Kenzie Nemez, flowers; Tess Briones and Norman Padilla, crown; Jason Paredes and Clarita Nazario, trophy.

For Zeny Calimlim, Mrs. Luzon-Manitoba 2014- the following were the presenters: Perry and Hilda Dayanghirang, sash; daughter Irma and son-in-law Joel, flowers; Lorie Fernandez and Tony Antonio, crown; Estrella Gabriel and Emilio Briol, trophy; and for Precy Merluza, Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014, the following presenters include: Leah Enverga-Magsino and Ron Cantiveros, sash; Cesar Ignacio and Maripas de la Cruz, flowers; Justin Merluza and Donna Medina, crown; Olie Merluza and Julie Javier, trophy.

Nicole Rumbaoa rendered special numbers while Ron Nazario serenaded the four finalists with their escorts: Rovic Climacosa for Gloria Magpali; Patrick Paredes for Fely Paredes, Cezar Fronda for Zeny Calimlim; and Olie Merluza for Precy Merluza.

Letty Antonio, who received a surprise recognition for her work, introduced the four finalists; Joey de Silva, the director while Rod Cantiveros and Jean Guiang acted as emcees. Justin Merluza, designed the stage and the Skyview of the Marlborough Hotel. EJ Sound/Ed Balaquit provided the music; lights, Jun Oquendo; Rowena Oquendo, operations; Tony Antonio, acknowledgement; Norman and Candy Padilla, judges.

Donors and patrons include Filipino Journal, Julie Javier, Tache Pharmacy, Daughter Irma and Son-in law, Joel; Perry and Hilda Dayanghirang, Lorie Fernandez, Tony Antonio, Estrella Gabriel, Emilio Briol, Justin Mendoza and Gigi Shand.

Letty Antonio headed the Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014 committee with Rowena Oquendo, Julie Javier and Clarita Nazario.

The fund raising event is woman’s empowerment in grand scale as the four winners received their titles with a 2-year reign; and they will be busy as guests in the various community events in the many days to come.