PNP to Deploy 8,500 Officers for Edsa People Power Anniversary Security

STAR / Russell Palma

The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced its plan to deploy approximately 8,500 officers across the nation to secure the 38th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution on February 25. PNP Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. disclosed preparations for anticipated rallies in Cebu and Metro Manila, with around 2,500 personnel slated for Cebu and about 6,000 for Metro Manila, subject to adjustments based on incoming intelligence reports. Gen. Acorda reassured the public of no detected threats to the event, emphasizing continuous monitoring of intelligence to ensure safety. He appealed to rally participants to maintain peace during the observance, indicating confidence in a smooth celebration without security concerns. This large-scale deployment aims to ensure public safety during the commemoration of a pivotal moment in Philippine history, reflecting the PNP’s commitment to peaceful and orderly celebrations