PNAM holds 1st symposium to IENs

PNAM holds 1st symposium to IENs

To guide nurses to the licensing process in Manitoba

by Joan Duhaylungsod

More than 60 Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) participated in the symposium on the nursing registration process in Manitoba. Conducted by the Philippine Nurses Association of Manitoba, it aimed to provide accurate information and right directions for the IENs who aspire to practice their profession in the province.
With the theme “Taking the first step to becoming a Manitoba Nurse”, the symposium held on October 18, at the CRNM Building, was lauded by the three regulating bodies of nursing- the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba, (CRNM) the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM), and the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM).
“We may not be the right door for you”-CRPNM
Laura Panteluk, CRPNM Executive Director stressed out that the Psychiatric Nursing in Manitoba is patterned after the British model. “IENs from England or Ireland might have better chances of becoming eligible compared to IENS from other countries like Philippines”.
“We have had many Filipino nurses inquire about the CRPNM process, but we tell them that this might not be the right door for them because their curriculum does not meet the hours required by the college” Panteluk added. (see table for reference)
Colleen Semmler, CRNM Registration Adviser, also mentioned another option for Language Test which is the 16-week Level I of the Bridging Program for IENs. The program is conducted by Red River College Language Training Centre. At the end of the 16-week program, students have to write the language test conducted by RRC. A passing mark for this test could be used to comply with the language proficiency requirement, in lieu of the IELTS or CELBAN.
Clinical Competency Assessment (CCA)
Both the CRNM and the CLPNM require CCA to assess IENs’ competence of providing safe and ethical nursing care to Manitobans. The performance of the applicant in the CCA will spell if the applicant has to go through the bridging program which may take from 3 months to 2 years. In extreme cases, they advise applicant to take again the whole four-year nursing degree (CRNM) or two-year LPN course (CLPNM).
While there is a long waiting process in the CRNM due to high number of applications, and limited slots for the bridging program, the CLPNM points out that currently, their college has no waiting list. “If they pass the refresher course, they can automatically work as Graduate LPN”, Jennifer Breton, CLPNM Executive Director, added.
Good outcome
The three colleges urged applicants to email them if they have inquiries, rather than listen to hearsays that might be inaccurate. “Sometimes we cannot reply to your emails right away, but we do reply to your messages”, the speakers assured the IENs.
“You have your own pathway. One’s pathway might be different from others, so do not be easily disheartened”, encouraged Breton.
Claiming the symposium a success, the PNAM will hopefully conduct another symposium next year about the nursing registration process in Manitoba. The organization hopes to involve other cultural communities in the province in this initiative. The CRNM, CRPNM, CLPNM have already pledged to support this symposium for next year.
Name of Accepted Test Minimum Score Required

CELBAN Listening: 10; Reading 8; Writing: 7 Speaking 8

IELTS Writing: No less than 7; Speaking: No less than 7;
Listening: No less than 7.5; Reading: No less than 6.5 ;
Overall band score: No less than 7
(The above scores take the Standard Error of Measurement into consideration)
TEF (French) Writing: 4; Speaking: 5; Listening: 5; Reading: 4

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