Their plans unveiled…Javier and Pajemolin, for Winnipeg School Division, Ward 6 and Ward 9

Their plans unveiled…Javier and Pajemolin, for Winnipeg School Division, Ward 6 and Ward 9

On October 22, the Civic Election will be held when we elect a new mayor, new councilors and re-electionists and the members of the various school boards. In the Winnipeg School Division, the largest school division, will elect nine members for the School Board of Trustees.

The Filipino Journal initiated Q & A forum to highlight and bring into the open their plans, initiatives and priorities, thus, inspiring the voters to go to polls and to vote for those candidates who are front and centre to the needs of children in the public school system.

FJ: Name the five priorities you will tackle as a school trustee.

Julie Holland Javier: Our children are facing the many challenges in their lives and as a School Trustee, I will work to firmly establish a concrete foundation in education: support the nursery and kindergarten programs, peace and security, initiative for global learning, transparency of the decision making in the school board meeting; and collaborative initiative between the community and the school for the maintenance and improvement in nutrition.

Michael Pajemolin: It has been my passion to serve as a voice for the majority and a catalyst of change for the betterment of the common people.

FJ: With these priorities, as a school trustee, which are the most urgent and why?

Julie Holland Javier: Nurturing the early childhood education is a must; technology must be initiated to make our school system globalize; and openness in the decision making process which will affect the taxpayers and the children; peace and security for the children against bullying and outside disturbances; and let our children be aware of the value of nutrition.

Michael Pajemolin: I agree with the same order. As a candidate for school trustee, infrastructure and safety is one of the biggest issues our students and families are facing on a daily basis.

FJ: Lately, there is a tremendous feedback why the School Board Trustee would be secretive in the decision making process. Most of the decision making discussion is “In- Camera” means, the meeting is not open to the public, there is no engagement or input from the community, how would change that culture of secrecy?

Julie Holland Javier: The School Trustees are elected by the people, their salary comes from the tax payers, the community will be their employer, and they are only mandated to run the system efficiently and effectively. I adhere an open discussion with the tax payers, with the parents. I want to engage the public on the issues affecting our children, our future.

Michael Pajemolin: All throughout my campaign, I will make known to Ward 9 that I am here to serve and will be the biggest ear that the community will ever have. I will represent the majority whether Filipinos or not to the whole Winnipeg School Division and yet I will not ignore the issues of the few.

FJ: Would it be possible that the gyms and other school facilities be open to the tax payers for their sports and other community activities?

Julie Holland Javier: Again, this is a basic necessity of the community. I will see to it that these facilities are open to the boys and girls, as the best alternative against streets activities. I know that there is a great demand for these facilities, share these facilities with the community.

Michael Pajemolin: YES

FJ: Concrete educational foundation is needed for all the children. Would you institute more nursery, kindergarten and other social activities?
Julie Holland Javier: As a mentioned before, nursery and kindergarten are the most vital formative programs for the children. I am also a parent and I personally experienced and witnessed how a child is being developed as a worthy citizen.

Michael Pajemolin: Prefer not to answer

FJ: A school trustee is a part-time job, would be involved in the school’s various activities?

Julie Holland Javier: Yes. As a trustee, I have to be aware of the needs of the children. Do fund raising for some programs which are not funded by the system; and to avail scholarship to the students who have excelled in their chosen careers.

Michael Pajemolin: NO

N.B. FJ invited the other two kababayan candidates but no response has been received up this writing.