‘Pinoy Sunday’ is best picture in Romania film festival

‘Pinoy Sunday’ is best picture in Romania film festival

Internationally acclaimed film “Pinoy Sunday” was adjudged Best Picture at the recent Comedy Cluj Film Festival in Romania.

The award didn’t surprised local film buffs since Filipino movies have won international recognition in the past.

However the movie is unique for several reasons: It was done by Malaysian filmmaker Wi-ding Ho who is currently living in Taiwan, and starred Filipino actors Bayani Agbayani, Epi Quizon, Meryll Soriano and Alessandra de Rossi.

Director Wi-ding Ho said he got the inspiration to do the film while walking along Zhongshan North Road one weekend. The lively gatherings of happy Filipino migrant workers during Sundays in the immediate vicinity around St. Christopher’s Catholic Church in Taipei made a great impression on him.

The film tells the story of Manuel and Dado, two Filipino migrant workers (played by Quizon and Agbayani) who discover a discarded sofa in the city’s sidewalk. When they decided to bring it all the way to their dormitory, the adventure transformed their normal Sunday into a tale of adventure, perseverance and self-discovery.

The film also served as the opening movie of the 2nd Taiwan Film Festival held at Shangri-la Plaza cinemas from Oct. 20 to 26.