Pia Wurtzbach Expresses her Sentiments on Pageant Fans’ Cheating Allegations

Former Miss Universe winner, Pia Wurtzbach, conveyed her sentiments against pageant fans who were not able to accept Rabiya Mateo’s defeat and have accused the organization of cheating during the competition.

In her talk with fellow beauty queens Carla Lizardo and Bianca Guidotti in an episode of the YouTube podcast, “queentahuan” Wurtzbach said that she did not like the allegation of the pageant being “bought”.

She expressed her dislike of the public overthinking the competition mainly because they cannot accept the fate of the country’s contender, stating that she hopes that people will learn to be “good sports.”

The final results of the 2021 Miss Universe pageant has Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, as the winner while the country’s bet, Rabiya Mateo made it only up to Top 21.

Wurtbach added that fans should also learn to respect the decision of the judges, pointing out that questioning such actually defeats the purpose of Miss Universe and the message it conveys about the candidates who join the said competition.

The message of Miss Universe to the world is all about “acceptance, regardless of what country you came from; hence, a bad audience is the complete opposite of what it wants to convey,” the former beauty queen explained.

Wurtzbach admitted that although disappointed that Mateo did not win, she believes that being able to compete in the pageant alone is already a stepping stone and will surely open a lot of doors for her.