Paubaya’s Valentine Music Video Takes the Country by Storm

It was late October last year when singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre dropped her hit track, Paubaya, with lyrics describing a person’s feelings after a rather painful break-up. The said song had brought both men and women to tears, what with its lyrics being so relatable to both genders alike.

But it was the music video of “Paubaya” that broke the internet on Valentine’s Day itself. Featuring no less than once real-life sweethearts, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, the video just took the country by storm, leaving all viewers heartbroken.

The highlight of the video came with the exchange between both artists which can be described as absolutely emotional. But what was even more mind blowing was the fact that Joshua and Julia wrote their own scripts, as shown in the credits of the video.

Hence, netizens are now speculating if this part of the video was indeed real as every gaze that lingered, every line that was uttered and every expression that on their faces said otherwise. With the lyrics of the song flowing, all emotions evoked just felt too raw, too real.

In an interview, both Joshua and Julia admitted that they never had any formal closure since their breakup. Was it this production then that paved the way for such to happen?

Netizens will never know for sure but according to Donald Lapez who played the priest role in the video, both artists did not use their scripts at some point in their exchange. As he shared in the comments section of the music video, Joshua and Julia had “no script or kung ano pa man, just pure words of forgiveness and love.”

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