Padyakers: Hills & Thrills at Riding Mountain National Park

The Padyakers Winnipeg biking club took to the hills of Riding Mountain National Park with a 5 hour, 130km bike trip from Wasagaming to Dauphin and back. The breathtaking bike ride – both in scenery and hill climbs made for a great day of riding. The group made it to Northgate Trails in Dauphin, Manitoba. Join Padyakers in upcoming rides throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba by finding them on Facebook and Strava.

Rolling Through Riding Mountain National Park

The annual bike ride through Riding Mountain National Park is a grueling 130kms from Clear Lake to Dauphin and back. The group started their ride on Sunday morning starting in Wasagaming townsite and biked north on Highway 10 toward Dauphin. After a pit stop and break in Dauphin, it was time to head back to Clear Lake.

This is not your easy bike in the park ride. The rolling hills and steep inclines throughout the park is a challenge for the riders. Finishing the 130km bike ride is a great accomplishment and one that was completed with friends and colleagues. The ride to and from Dauphin was completed in just over 5 hours.

The Padyaker’s Winnipeg bike group consists of mature and senior athletes as the average age of members is 48 years old. The group members refuse to think of how old they are and have a positive attitude and intense passion for cycling. The Padyaker’s group can be found on Facebook and on Strava.

Thanks to EJ, Ato, Anthony, Tristan and Jayson for your contribution to this story.

Photos of Jayson Batino | Padyakers