Pacquiao wants to fight in the Rio Olympics

Pacquiao wants to fight in the Rio Olympics

It is possible that Manny Pacquiao might postpone his retirement from boxing for a chance at an Olympic gold medal.

Manny is to have been reportedly invited by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) president Wu Ching-Kuo to join the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Manny was supposed to retire after his coming fight with Timothy Bradley on April 9. He admits that a chance of giving our country its first gold is hard to pass up.

“Kahit walang bayad, lalaban ako sa Olympic Games alang-alang sa bayan at sa ating mga kababayan. Para mabigyan na natin ang Pilipinas ng kanyang kauna-unahang gintong medalya na matagal-tagal na rin naman nating pinapangarap,”Pacquiao said.

“Kung walang malalabag na regulasyon or rules, for that matter, I’m in. Even to the extent of postponing my planned retirement, it’s okay with me,” he added.