Pacquiao, not after the President but the government corrupt officials

Senator Manny Pacquiao disproves “attacking” President Rodrigo Duterte from lambasting government corruption under the existing administration. “I’m not after the President, it’s a big misconception because our advocacy to fight corruption is the same since it’s the root of the country’s biggest problem.” Said Manny Pacquiao.

He expresses that they’re on the same page with the President on his advocacy to eradicate corruption, saying he wishes to work with the Chief Executive in cracking down on corrupt officials and see them behind bars.

“The people, I guess they trust me, giving me pieces of evidence. There have been individuals reaching out to me giving me papers to prove these alleged issues of corruption. I just don’t want to publicize them because it might be seen as an insult to the President like I’m investigating the administration.” He added.