Pacman’s weaknesses and Mosley’s right hand

Pacman’s weaknesses and Mosley’s right hand

Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao said he and his team considered everything they need to know about Shane Mosley, as well as his potent right hand.

To beat Mosley, Pacquiao said they needed to analyze his opponent’s strengths to come up with the most appropriate strategy.

This coming May 7, Pacquiao will be going toe-to-toe against Mosley to defend his WBO welterweight title. The Filipino champion, who is currently training in the US, said they will make sure that Mosley will have a tough time landing his powerful right hand.

Mosley closely knocked down undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their May 2010 welterweight fight with two powerful shots from his right hand.

Mosley said he is also studying Pacman’s weaknesses.

He watched tapes of Pacquiao’s fight against Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez, who gave the Filipino superstar the toughest matches of his career.