One Step To Jumpstart Creativity

One Step To Jumpstart Creativity

Most people including myself know David Usher as the lead singer of Moist and four-time Juno Award-winning musician.

Delegates were treated to a rock & roll opening keynote at the Disrupted Future conference hosted by Tech Manitoba.

Along with all conference delegates, we discovered David Usher’s tech entrepreneurial pursuits with his Artificial Intelligence company, Reimagine.AI. Usher used live music, video, improvisation, technology and humour to electrify the crowd at Disrupted.

Usher’s keynote focus spoke about how creativity inspires innovation. At the end of his keynote, he offered three takeaways to help people jumpstart their creative process in their lives. Those three key action items include the Half Hour Habit, Think Like A Hustler and Be Physical.

Half Hour Habit: Find 30 mins a day to invest in yourself and into your own creativity.

This could be learning a new language, Think Like A Hustler: Use every conversation, every interaction with people as an opportunity to listen, learn and steal. Go out to the world and look for inspiration.

Let’s Get Physical: Take your body on a new adventure and your mind will be forced to follow. This is an opportunity to switch things up in your life. Start simple by having your lunch in a different place, wear something different, order something new. If you go to yoga, go to a kickboxing class.

The world is changing and we are forced to change with it. This is a process where we are future-proofing ourselves for our careers and lives.

Interactive Playground at Disrupted
Networking is an essential part of our lives and meeting people at Disrupted was a great opportunity to learn about great initiatives in our tech community.

RBC Future Launch & offers job seekers with a website full of free job search tools. These include resume and cover letter templates, email and LinkedIn message templates, checklists, worksheets, tip sheets and more.

Stewart Russell and Suzanne Winterflood are from Neil Squire Society. Neil Squire is a non-profit organization that use technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities.

They offer immersive programs that teach people with disabilities how to use technology and succeed both at home and in the workplace.

They provide ergonomic solutions and access to assistive technologies that remove barriers for people with disabilities.

I met Jane McDonald, Managing Director, International Institute for Sustainable Development after her panel session about “Harnessing Tech for Social Good.”

During her panel session, she announced the 2020 AquaHacking Lake Winnipeg 2020 Challenge. The year-long challenge has $50,000 in prize money.

A tech competition where young innovators team up to tackle urgent freshwater issues. Meet water sector experts. Work on the tech. Start a business. Be part of the change. And maybe, win some cash along the way.