On the Reproductive Health Bill

On the Reproductive Health Bill

The issue about the Reproductive Health Bill has continuously triggered discussions among the people, the state and the church, in the Philippines. Lea Salonga, who has been vocal about her support for the Reproductive Health Bill, explains her stance about this matter.

LS: I have been raised by a conservative and Catholic household. However, once you start getting exposed to a lot in the world, you then see that there is so much more to life than what you see at home, that you start to make decisions based on the friends that you make, the environment that you are in. You see, I am always guided by my conscience in everything I do. The thing is, so much of my adult life has been spent in an artistic environment. I have been exposed to a lot of things that not all people were exposed to. When we were Miss Saigon, AIDS was starting to gain recognition- that’s when I first heard the word AIDS, and that’s when I started to discover that the people I was working with were HIV positive, had died, or were dying because of that disease. These were the people who worked backstage, on-stage, behind the scenes, in offices or in productions. I was in New York City that time.

At the Tony Awards, everybody had their red ribbons in support of this effort. People were coming out publicly to tell others that this is how to prevent the disease from spreading, and this is how you should take care of yourself.

Hearing those things, I changed my view and started to form an opinion. Hence, I support the RH bill.

Do your research. Read. Look at the science. Just don’t go by the opinion of others. Read and make a decision. After your done with them all, and you will say you do not support the RH Bill, it is okay. I respect that because I know you know what you are standing for.