Oly Merluza gets the big surprise in his birthday bash

Oly Merluza gets the big surprise in his birthday bash

Planning a surprise party for a loved ones is a delicate and very secretive undertakings. Sometimes, the celebrant knows the party ahead and pretends to grace the affair as if he or she does not know the surprised party, just not to let down the organizers. But some organizers are lucky enough to cover-up the plans, and it is the deepest secret among family members and friends. Ask Precy Merluza, a candidate for Mrs. Philippines-Manitoba 2014, and her two sons and daughter in law, Neil and his wife, Larica; and Justin, designer/event planner, their relatives and their friends how they fully surprised Oly Merluza, vp internal,QPAM, when he celebrated his 50th birthday at Marigold Inkster.

Oly Merluza got a big, happy and lavish birthday bash!

The day before his surprised birthday bash, Oly was helping Justin and his family decorate the Marigold Hall for an 18th birthday celebration. The decor was done beautifully (as some Marigold staffscommented: “Never to see that kind of beautiful decoration ever mounted in this restaurant.) And the ambience was intiemate, so private, not kowing that this hall would be the place where he would celebrate his 50th birthday. Thanks to Justin (Just_In Couture) whose talents and time were poured to make this affair unforgetable. And thanks to his wife, Precy, Neil and Larica and the Merluza clan members and friends to made possible to make his birthday a real surprised affair.At the night of celebration, Oly was accompanied by his friends. He almost decided not to go out, instead, just to stay home and enjoy some shots of whisky. And when he arrived, he almost lost his composure, and tears rolled on his cheek; and welcomed by his wife, Precy and his two sons,relatives and countless friends!

Celebrations started and Oly was greeted with birthday songs. Still awed and surprised, Oly went to the various tables to meet the guests. “Oh, Tony, I met you at Polo Park yesterday and you did not tell me…collaborator!”, the smiling Oly teased Florencio Antonio who was seating with his wife Letty Antonio, OFSAM president; and Clarita Nazario of Bulacan Association.

And the Lupao Nueva Ecija Association of Winnipeg’s officers and members were all out to celebrate with him led by Allan de la Cruz, the former president! And the QPAM officers led by Maggie Chan Urbano, the president. Oly is the vice president; and of course, his brothers and members of the Merluza clan!

Program was led by Oly and Precy’s son, Neil and Justin and started with the dance with his wife, Precy. Letty Antonio, chair, selection committee MaCCFA, had introduced Precy Merluza as one for MaCCFA’s quest for Mrs. Philippines Manitoba 2014, the proceeds from this annual contest will go to help the victims of Haiyan typhoon for reconstructions.

Dancing followed and everyone enjoyed the party, a very special party, a surprise party, for Oly Merluza’s 50th birthday! The guests enjoyed the food, the snack and most specially the 4 birthday cakes! yummy!

Photos by Rod E. Cantiveros | Filipino Journal