Ode to My Wife

Ode to My Wife

I do work many years
Bringing home the pay check
But I have no eyes and ears
And little above the neck

I don’t see her working
Nor do I hear her groan
I’m all consumed with being
The proud master on my own

She’s up before the sun
To look after the kids
To nurse the hungry young one
And ready the school needs

She has our breakfast done
With eggs and bacon too
And not until we’re gone
Before she uses the loo

Her endless work goes on
From dawn ‘til past bedtime
She cares for me like a son
With no reason or rhyme

She carries my worries
In whatever I do
She’s like ten secretaries
Watching my come and go

I know I cannot function
Without my little lady
For every thought or action
She stands firmly behind me

My senses are now clear
The pay I get from working
Belongs as much to my dear
Partner in everything

To God I made the vow
To love and honor her
My dearest mate then and now
My dearest mate forever