It’s not a feast, it’s a BOODLE FIGHT!

It’s not a feast, it’s a BOODLE FIGHT!

Jeepney Restaurant is featuring the Christmas Boodle Fight in December

The Boodle Fight is a Philippine Military Academy tradition where cadets would gather around a long table full of food and rice is spread over banana leaves and eaten with bare hands. It’s a free for all as cadets attack the food until it’s all gone.

Jeepney Restaurant and chefs Nelson Olegario and Albert Lalu are bringing the Philippine Boodle Fight tradition to Winnipeg this Christmas. The Christmas Boodle Fight is piled with popular Filipino food specialities that include lumpiang shanghai, grilled liempo, grilled bangus and crispy pata. The bowl of soup in the middle of the Boodle Fight can be a choice of sinigang, kaldereta or kare-kare. Accompanying side dishes include ensaladang pipino and mangga and salted eggs. Hiding below all these Filipino specialities is a bed of Jeepney’s own sisig rice. The entire Christmas Boodle offering is good for 5-6 people and as we found out, there’s more than enough sisig rice and ulam to feed a small army of 8-9 family and friends.

The Christmas Boodle Fight is being offered during the Christmas season in recognition of friends and family gathering around food in a fun and festive way. Eating with food your hands (kamayan) on imported banana leaves is the fun part of the Filipino eating experience during the Boodle Fight.

Jeepney Restaurant open earlier this year in February. The chefs behind Jeepney Restaurant are Nelson Olegario and Albert Lalu and both chefs bring decades of culinary experience from Manila and around the world. Chef Nelson has over 20 years of experience including working on five luxury cruise ships and is also the chef at Dalton at the Best Western Winnipeg Airport. Chef Albert has culinary school experience from Manila, studied charcuterie and bread baking at the French Culinary Institute and also is the 1st Cook at the Delta Hotel Winnipeg.

The popular dishes at Jeepney include sisig, deconstructed beef ribs, sinigang, roasted pork belly with adobo glaze and their dessert specialty, leche flan turon.

Reservations are recommended for parties looking to indulge in the Christmas Boodle Fight.