New Book Alert: Gramatically yours, Gemma

One hundred copies of my new book, Grammatically Yours, Gemma have just been delivered sooner than expected. The book is 8.5 by 9 inches with beautiful cover and back designs by our son, Jonato Dalayoan, a prize-winning graphic artist; edited by Claude Lemire, and interior designed by Linda C. Dalayoan.

It has pages with very readable prints and spacing of sentences and exercises. The book does not contain exhaustive grammatical rules, but it only reviews grammatical items that are often mistakenly used by Filipinos and other English second language learners. Exercises are to be filled in by the readers after the explanation of grammatical rules, and key to corrections are found at the last pages of the book as well as the author’s picture and profile.

Judianne Jayme Dhabba, Program Support Teacher of the Winnipeg School Division, owner of, and founder of Dalagita endorses this book for both young and adult learners.

The book costs $50 if delivered by mail; $40 if picked up.

Pick- up sites are:
( Please phone before pick up.)
Carrie Barroga
243 Weitzel St.
Phone No: 204-504-1515

Clarita Manzano
75 Mankato Crescent
Phone no: 204-694-6917

Buyers are encouraged to pay through e-transfer to or cheque or cash given to the above-mentioned distributors.
Reprints are to be done, so pre-orders now are accepted by e-mailing