More than 300 LSIs stranded in Metro Manila

More than 300 LSIs stranded in Metro Manila

The current headache of the administration is the overstaying local stranded individuals (LSI), numbering to more than 300 people waiting to go home to their provinces.

These LSIs had stayed in Metro Manila and were not able to go home after the lockdown was announced last March 2020.

Most of the LSIs are housed temporarily in various Catholic churches, schools and public buildings in Manila and in Taguig cities.

Some are housed under the Philippine Army, others are staying in the Catholic Redemptorist Church in Baclaran, and in Paco and Malate Catholic Schools.

“We are overwhelmed by the numbers of our kababayans who want to go home to their hometown and mostly not wanted by the local government officials for fear of the spread of COVID-19. And to solve this problem, we are coordinating with the local governments and with some agencies to provide transportation for them to go home.” said one of the officers.

The transfers of the LSIs to these building facilities was due to the continuous reports of the influx of these stranded individuals near NIA, and using the surrounding places as their temporary shelters, endangering their lives against the elements.

“We have more than 79 passengers in our Baclaran church, mostly heading to Bicol region, and we try our very best with limited resources,” said one of the priests who are looking after the LSIs staying in the church for many weeks.

Other building sites in Metro Manila will be used to house more LSIs.

Food and other daily needs are supplied by some NGOs, companies and church officials.