Moe El Tassi, the new kid on the block, runs for Councilor for Point Douglas Ward

From left to right: Chester Pangan, Ahmed, Albert El Tassi, Moe El Tassi and one of the wins Ali.

Along the streets in Meadow West, one lawn sign is noticeable from afar and when you come closer, a picture of a smiling man, and this is no other than Moe El Tassi, the newest face in the political field running for a councilor seat representing Point Douglas ward.

With many new faces from the cross-cultural communities, the Filipino Journal asked three questions to highlight Moe’s vision for constituents in Point Douglas Ward. And here are his answers:

Filipino Journal: Why did you enter civic politics? What motivated you to run to represent the people in Point Douglas Ward?

Moe El Tasse: I entered politics, for the same reason that I entered into Volunteering, which is to attempt to add value and listen and act progressively with the utmost positivity to any situation that occurs.

I feel compelled to run for city council so that I may serve the area of Point Douglas and its residents, and when I say serve, that is exactly what I am going to do on the highest level. My father taught me that if you are in a position to give then give not only financially, but emotionally, and through your time on this earth.

Filipino Journal: What are your priorities if elected as a councilor?

Moe El Tassi: If elected as councilor my priorities would be the priorities of the residents I represent. I would listen, learn, and commit to making the area achieve its full potential, I will approach Point Douglas, the way I approach my own family. I have 5 children who all have their own individual needs and expectations. I will deliver the same passion and drive to the residents, as I do to my own children. Priorities would include, addressing crime and safety. Everyone deserves to feel safe in and out of their homes.
I would also address infrastructure, making sure the area gets its fair share of city dollars to fix our roads and sidewalks, along with buildings and parks, and community centers, making sure children have a safe place to play either in a park or through community programming. I will be an advocate for Point Douglas to achieve the best results for the community.

Filipino Journal: Being a new face with a clear vision for the City of Winnipeg, tell us your family, your background, and your educational attainment which will give the voters the chance to know you.

Moe El Tassi: My father is born in Lebanon, and my mother is born in Brazil. I have been taught by them to give more than receive, to be grateful, and humble, and to stand up and act in the best interest of those who can’t. To be a leader that listens, that continues to learn, and be a voice that produces the best results that would benefit and not harm people. I have an education that can not be paid for; I worked from a young age. I opened my first business 20 years ago. Learning firsthand the struggles and the benefits of hard work. I have in common with many newcomers in the City of Winnipeg. I work in multiple jobs. We share a common goal which is giving our family the best chance to succeed and that is why we work so hard.

I am motivated to give the best chance possible for my children along with your children to succeed and reach their full potential in this beautiful City of Winnipeg.