Miss Universe PH organization sheds light on the issue of leaving Celeste Cortesi

Photo credit to Dion Trinidad

Miss Universe Philippine Organization creative director Jonas Gaffud has finally spoken about the issue that he and his team left Celeste Cortesi after failing to make it to the top 16, following a viral video of Celeste crying outside the venue with her mom and boyfriend.

While Gaffud sees no point in clarifying the issue as he believes he will still be bashed anyways, he still sent a statement to PEP Troika.

“Immediately after the semifinals announcement, I was messaging directly with Celeste,” Gaffud said.

“She asked if she could spend time with her Mom and Mathew after the pageant. Because the case usually is, they have to be on the Miss Universe bus to go back to their hotel. But Celeste decided to be with Mathew, her friend Benj and Mom,” added Gaffud.

Gaffud and Cortesi saw each other the following day after the incident and, of course, talked about everything.