Down Memory Lane with Philippine Jukebox Queens

Down Memory Lane with Philippine Jukebox Queens

Many people I know express their disgust for discrimination and yet they exhibit the attitude in so many ways on a daily basis without even realizing it. Some of them are even hypocritical about it–they would secretly like certain things but deny this or even ridicule it in public. For example, some music listeners enjoy listening to traditional Pop ballads; but just because there are people who dismiss this genre as uncool or “baduy,” they would deny that this music is part of their playlist.

That is what is known as music discrimination, which extends also to discriminating other people. How? Let’s take, for example, Johnny: He loves Rock music, but he also enjoys listening to Pop lovesongs once in a while. But because he thinks that this kind of music is uncool, he denies listening to it; worse, he teases or makes fun of people who openly enjoys the music. Because of that, Johnny is exhibiting not only hypocrisy but also discrimination–he loves Pop ballads and yet denies it and ridicules others who enjoy it.

Are you like Johnny? If yes, then better begin changing your ways. Life is short. Live it well. Live it honestly, responsibly, and kindly. Don’t be embarrassed by the things that you enjoy, when there’s really nothing wrong about them. Don’t ridicule others for their choices, as long as these are harmless.

As far as I’m concerned, I could enjoy any kind of music. In fact, the first type of music that I’ve heard in my life was traditional Pop ballads. My parents loved them. So, the jukebox that we had in the restaurant that we used to own in the 1970s, in Pasay City, Philippines, had really served me well. It introduced me to various genres of music, and it made me become an eclectic music listener. However, my fondest memories of those childhood days were soundtracked by many Filipino Pop songstresses, such as Imelda Papin, Claire de la Fuente, and Eva Eugenio.

To this day, songs by these Filipina singers who began their respective recording careers in the early ‘70s continue to grace my media playlist.

Born in January 1956, in Presentacion, Camarines Sur, Imelda Papin is best known for the songs “Isang Linggong Pag-ibig,” “Bakit? (Kung Liligaya Ka sa Piling ng Iba),” “Taksil.”

Born in December 1958, in Manila, Claire de la Fuente is well known for the songs “Sayang,” “Minsan-Minsan,” and “Nakaw na Pag-ibig.”
Finally, Eva Eugenio is most known for the songs “Tukso,” “Uhaw,” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

Final Note

On March 14, Eugenio will be a part of the concert OPM Legends at Club Regent Event Centre. Performing with her in that evening are fellow Filipino Traditional Pop singers Rico J. Puno, Hajji Alejandro, and Marco Sison.