Member Profile: Darin Hoffman Owner-Mosaic Funeral Home

Member Profile: Darin Hoffman Owner-Mosaic Funeral Home

Darin Hoffman is Filipino at heart. He values family and customer relationships, which is very ideal with the type of profession he has chosen.

He started his career in the management area in 1996 and was awarded the role of Sales Director for Saskatchewan and Alberta. Darin achieved tops Sales Director Status in the Loewen Group of Funeral Home and Cemeteries in 1997 and was then promoted to Group Vice-President of Sales for Canada. Moved to Winnipeg to manage 9 Funeral homes and 3 cemeteries and created a new business plan for the Loewen Group of Funeral Homes and Cemeteries as they entered into restructuring emerging as the Alderwoods Group in 2002. With his determination and passion, he was again promoted to Regional Sales Manager in Eastern Canada.

He realized that it was now the time to begin his own company with his business partners, Shawn Arnason and Pat Potenza when Alderwoods was purchased by a large US Corporation. His partner and love in life Zeny Regalado also assists Darin in his business from time to time.

Most recently Darin has co-founded Philcan Business Synergies Corp. and will be bringing more information to the MFBC in April as part of the Trade Mission Evening.

With this new business comes, great networking opportunities for B2B enterprises. Darin has served the Filipino community in his professional role as a funeral home operator and in the past 13 years has gotten to know the community intimately. He has traveled to the Philippines numerous times both for personal and business reasons. He was part of the team that traveled on behalf of the MFBC’s first trade mission and is very excited about presenting in April to the membership.

Darin has been hailed as a great networker, and is known for his ability to bring like-minded individuals together to work on a common cause. He was also a Kinsmen and had been very active on a number of Church councils over the years.