Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows, issues statement on the Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award

Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows, issues statement on the Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award

Mr. Speaker, I am so proud to represent the Burrows constituency. We are a tightly knit community where people work together for the long-term health and sustainability of our neighbourhood. This month, I was delighted to learn that the efforts of our community are being recognized, with two local projects receiving the Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award.

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards honour people, projects and ideas that successfully turn the province’s sustainable development principles into concrete and lasting achievements.

Lauren Sawchuk, a home economics teacher at Sisler High School, is this year’s Champion for Sustainability. She joins us in the gallery today. Lauren has implemented composting, gardening and recycling initiatives in her classroom, and uses the study of food to discuss important global issues, from environmental concerns to world hunger. Her after-school cooking program uses local, organic and fair trade ingredients including produce from the school garden.

The Education for Sustainability Award went to Lord Nelson Elementary School. Lord Nelson has been a leader in integrating sustainability into the classroom, extracurricular activities and students’ daily lives. One of their most successful projects is an outdoor classroom made up of five different habitats and over 400 indigenous plants. The outdoor classroom connects students, staff and community members with the wonders of nature right in the school’s backyard.
Joining us in the gallery are members of Lord Nelson’s Winnipeg Harvest team and the Human Rights Club. These groups educate students about poverty, social justice and human rights issues, and empower them to take action through various projects.

Mr. Speaker, I am so proud of the incredible work being done in my constituency, but of course, there are many great projects across Manitoba. I want to congratulate all of this year’s Excellence in Sustainability Award winners and nominees. Your creativity and innovation creates a brighter future for Manitoba.