Plexiglass dividers at Max’s Restaurant

Even before the October 19 release of new safety protocols, Max’s Restaurant Winnipeg has been doing above and beyond efforts to ensure further safety in their operations.

“Ever since March, I’ve been dealing directly with our health inspector because there’s really no room for mistakes. Our main goal is not only to be profitable but at the same time, adhere to the guidelines. But then also, protect you, the community,” General Manager Arnel Alibin said.

Alibin added that they are consistent with guest tracking, staff health assessment and have enforced the new group and table size of 5 people since October 19.

He said that COVID-19 caused them a lot of reality check and a few restructuring, “We had to cut down our manpower from 46 to 15. We’ve also done bundling promos focusing on what appeals to the customers while maintaining good price points.”

The restaurant had to also cancel events as they will only be left with 50 people if they follow the half capacity combined with social distancing rules.

Right now, they have installed plexiglass in their dining area booths and soon on their tables to maximize seating capacity.

“Dining is up and down, but not to the point that nobody is coming. But there was significant boost in the take out and delivery and it’s a big help.”

Max’s is currently using Skip, DoorDash and Uber Eats and online order through their website.

Aside from pick up and delivery services, Alibin said that offsite catering has helped a lot too through their partnership with some healthcare facilities.

“Though complicated because we have to follow food transport rules, with offsite catering, we are able to give back to the community as portion of what the people spend goes to the hospital ‘s foundation.”

“Any business now is relying on the community’s support and I must say corporate and business event that we’ve hosted last year are coming back to us to support,” shared Alibin.

With all the support that their business is getting from the community in these challenging times, Max’s Restaurant started giving back to the community since April and aims to continue with it.

Photo courtesy: Ron Cantiveros