Manny Pacquiao Offered $65 Million to Face a young and undefeated Mexican boxer

Manny Pacquiao Offered $65 Million to Face a young and undefeated Mexican boxer

After the successful fight with Shane Mosley, another interesting and tempting offer from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, reportedly offering our own Filipino boxing champion Rep. Manny Pacquiao a guaranteed $65 million to come to Mexico for a fight, and it’s rumored the opponent in mind is young and undefeated Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Slim would pick the opponent.

Slim has a reported net worth of $74 billion, which currently makes him the richest man in the world according to Forbes. Alvarez doesn’t turn 21 until July 8 carries a 36-0-1 win-loss-draw record, and has a dangerous fight with Ryan Rhodes on June 18, but he’s already a huge star in Mexico and is billed as the next great Mexican champion.

Slim is allegedly negotiating now with Pacquiao’s team, including Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson. This was revealed by Singson, a long-time confidante of Pacquiao.

Singson’s report came after Top Rank’s Bob Arum revealed that American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had turned down a $65 million offer from a Singaporean group to fight Pacquiao.

With this offer we believe Manny Pacquiao will not turn down this proposal. But the big question is whether the side of Pacquiao will allow him to fight again on 154 weight divisions after having a lesson on the damage that he took against Antonio Margarito. Arum said that Middleweight is not suited for Pacquiao. In a latest statement released by Arum, he said that it would still depend on Pacquiao.