Little Elf-Girl Lost

(Sonnet III: The Discovery)

Something painful yet unfamiliar makes her cry
Thinking ’bout this night and day she cannot yet fly
What can be lacking from her mem’ries of the past?
The death of her parents she remembers at last!

Leaves of forgotten wisdom floating in the air
Lead her to the mystery of the fair nymphs’ lair
Will she find out that she has her fate in her hands?
The reason she is able to count time with sands?

Tick-tock, tick-tock sounds the cicadas and the clock
Turtles and platypi hiding behind the rock
Mermen and mermaids mistaken for manatees
Hum the hummingbirds and bumble the bumblebees!

And now that her world is gradually unfolding
Is she ready to find what her life is missing?