Light-handed Brushstrokes across the Surface of Spring

Light-handed Brushstrokes across the Surface of Spring

Blossoming in the summer like the sakura
Craving for sashimi maki and tempura
The gentle breeze is a flying kiss on the face
Longing for love from a distance of time and space

Rabbits and partridges frolic in the meadow
On placid lakes the reflection of the sunglow
Chortle chirps and clicks of mammals birds and insects
The yearning heart with the restless mind intersects

Rolling haybales are dancing with the nethergales
Like the cursive in love letters and postal mails
Shadows and silhouettes standing out on the ground
Fallen leaves and flowers at the park one has found

A solitary man with paintbrush and canvas
Welcoming the new season by letting hours pass
Creating memories of tire-swings bikes and kites
Of childhood holidays and festivals of lights

A poem consisting of four quatrains of 12-syllable lines; inspired by the song “My Boyish Days” (1983) by Care (Paul Simpson and Ian Broudie)

illustration by LoveKat