Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

I was dismayed to read that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff insinuated that Winnipeg North Conservative candidate Julie Javier’s candidacy was unfair because of her Filipino heritage, and that she was only running to steal votes away from the Liberal candidate. He said: “Let’s have a straight-up fight. Everything else is a bunch of games.”

His insinuation that it is not fair to have a Filipino candidate because Filipinos apparently vote in blocks is insulting to women, Filipinos, and all ethnic communities in Canada.

It is insulting and offensive for Mr. Ignatieff to insinuate that members of ethnic communities all vote the same way. Putting Canadians into voting blocks based on ethnic origin is old-school Liberal politics and it has no place in today’s Canada. Women, Filipinos, and members of other ethnic communities are individuals who can make up their own mind. We are not voting machines that just blindly go and vote Liberal.

Worst still, Liberal candidate Kevin Lamoureux not only tolerated Mr. Ignatieff’s comments, but also endorsed them and supports them by pushing Mr. Ignatieff’s insensitive comments on his twitter account and displaying them on his web site.

Does Mr. Lamoureux think so little of the Filipino and ethnic communities to insinuate that we are a voting block with no individual minds of our own?
Both Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Lamoureux have a lot of explaining to do for their insulting comments and actions.


Virginia Guiang
Former Executive Director of the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba and current Project Coordinator of the Elder Abuse Awareness program in the Filipino Community