Kylie Padilla is a special friend, says Aljur Abrenica

Kylie Padilla is a special friend, says Aljur Abrenica

Actor Aljur Abrenica was recently put on the spot in the Celebrity Secrets Interpreted segment of Showbiz Central during which mind reader Nomer Lasala supposedly decipher some personal secret details from inside his brain.

When asked by onscreen partner Kris Bernal the name of the girl the actor last kissed with feelings, Lasala wrote “Kylie [Padilla]” on his sketchpad with the word “cheeks” underneath, which Abrenica confirmed.

Abrenica’s former co-star Rhian Ramos then asked the identity of the special person the actor last brought in his resort in Batangas. Abrenica was visibly surprised when Lasala showed his sketchpad on which the words “Kakai with friends” was written.

The actor also wondered how Lasala found out about his pet name “Kakai” for Kylie.

Speculations about the Kylie-Aljur alleged romantic relationship arose when Abrenica attended her birthday party last January.

The actor has described Padilla in past interviews as his special friend and one of his inspirations.