Kultivation Festival is a grassroots project spearheaded by first and second generation Filipino-Canadian composed of restaurateurs, architects, marketers and designers. It’s goal is to celebrate and promote the modern Filipino culture in Manitoba through F.A.M.D. – food, art, music and dance.
The festival is also a way of saying thank you to the parents of the current generation who have made enourmous sacrifices since they came to Canada in the ’60s to provide for and enable this generation and the next to live out their dreams and passion.
Happening on June 20-21 , 2020 in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, Kultivation Festival will officially launch on March 6-21 at Garden City Shopping Centre through a collaboration with CBC Manitoba’s pop-up bureau where everybody is welcome to witness, share story and engage in various activities organized by the local Filipino influencers.

Winnipeg’s newest summer festival, Kultivation Festival, will officially launch on March 6, 2020 at the Garden City Shopping Centre. The launch is a collaboration with CBC Manitoba’s pop-up bureau where a remote newsroom of reporters and producers will be set up to hear stories of the community.

“This pop-up bureau will be a place where all Winnipeggers can come to learn about, collaborate with, and find inspiration from our community,” shared Elizabeth Cron, Co-Chair of the Kultivation Festival.

During the month-long pop-up, the community is welcome to take part in free interactive events, giving everyone a glimpse of the inaugural summer festival in June- from a Filipino Makers Market, foodie weekend, wellness expo, film festival and youth DJ workshop.

“The pop-up bureau is bringing everyone in our community together and filling the generational gap,” says Allan Pineda, co-chair for the festival.
“We are here to reflect your lived experiences back to all Manitobans and we are very proud that you are trusting us with your culture and your stories,” shares John Bertrand, Senior Managing Director of the Prairies and North regions of CBC.

The Filipino Journal is also excited to be partnering with CBC Manitoba in covering and bringing updates on Kultivation Festival to the Filipino community.

RioCan who owns Garden City Shopping Centre is also happy to host the said event, “RioCan understands that now, more than ever, people want unique gathering places that are reflective of their community,” shares John Ballantyne, SVP Asset Management of RioCan.

See page 11 for the pop-up bureau schedule or log on to https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/community/garden-city-bureau-filipino-community-1.5476018

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Photo courtesy: Del Pelagio, Mike Talastas, and Amanda Blanco