Before Kultivation Festival’s launch was cut short
last March 13 due to COVID -19 pandemic, a VIP night and a series of events at My Garden City, in partnership with CBC Manitoba’s pop-up bureau, successfully kicked off this grassroots project that everybody is now looking forward to witnessing as the newest summer event in the community.
Last March 5th, Kultivation Festival, co-chaired by Elizabeth Cron, AllanPineda and Joseph Orobia formally introduced the project to the community through a VIP Night which was graced by community leaders, influencers, media and event partners. Four more events namely Kultivation Makers Market, The Pogi Project Podcast Live, Wellness Expo and Skratcher Winnipeg DJ Workshop featuring kababayan who excel in their business or endeavours, were held, championing the modern pinoy community.

Kultivation Festival organizers, headed by Elizabeth Cron, Allan Pineda and Joseph Orobia, in collaboration with CBC Manitoba led by community engagement producer, Lindsay Mackenzie, successfully kicked off the launch through events featuring Filipino community through FAMD (food, arts, music and dance). Out of the 8 main events that are slated for different dates between March 6 -21, four were held at My Garden City, through CBC Manitoba’s pop-up bureau.

However, in lieu of the COVID -19 concerns, where social distancing is encouraged and where safety and well-being of the general public are of utmost importance, KF and CBC Manitoba have decided to postpone the rest of the events until further notice. Kultivation Festival is thankful to the community and its partners who have been part of the launch and who have supported their first held events.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros