Kultivation FAMD: Halo-Halo Summit 2021

Photo by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal

The Halo-Halo Summit is a virtual celebration of Philippine Independence Day and Filipino Heritage Month which took place on Saturday, June 12th. The event took a deep dive into Filipinx-Canadian culture with several workshops including a Filipino/a/x Model Minority Mutiny Workshop and a Youth Career Mentorship Panel & Forum.

Members of the Kultivation FAMD crew (left to right) – Eejay Chua, Sharlyne Santos, Allan Pineda, Patrick Eulalia and Maribeth Tabanera enjoying halo-halo.

Kultivation FAMD’s goal is to establish a Filipinx Digital Hub in Winnipeg to gather, learn and grow from one another. Last year’s summer festival was postponed due to COVID19. FAMD means food, arts, music and dance – all staples of their Filipinx identity.


Halo Halo Summit Celebrates Filipino/a/x Community

In celebration of Philippines Independence Day on June 12, 2021, Kultivation FAMD hosted their first Halo Halo Summit – a safe virtual space for our community to come together and do a deep dive into what it means to be Filipino/a/x here in Winnipeg.

The virtual event was an opportunity to share stories, successes, and struggles. Through this event, participants and panelists talked about finding community, inspiration, and a stronger sense of self through intentional community-building.

The Halo Halo Summit was hosted in collaboration with Kultivation Festival, PAO!, Manitoba Filipino Business Council, and ANAK Inc. The workshops included Filipino/a/x Model Minority Mutiny Workshop, Lunch break featuring F.A.M.D. Entertainment, Youth Career Mentorship Panel + Forum and a Filipino/a/x Professionals Happy Hour to wrap up the event.

Kultivation Festival F.A.M.D. (Food, Art, Music, and Dance) is a Winnipeg grassroots, a volunteer-driven non-profit that aims to celebrate and promote the thriving modern cultural scene in

Learn more about Kultivation Festival F.A.M.D. on their website (http://kultivationfestival.com/) and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.