Kris, James refuse to talk about settlement agreement

Kris, James refuse to talk about settlement agreement

Estranged couple Kris Aquino and James Yap both refused to reveal the details of the settlement agreement resulting from the on-going procedures for the nullification of their marriage.

Aquino said she may earn a reprimand from the judge if she talks about how their wealth would be divided between them.

The TV host-actress also said what matters is that they had an amicable separation. Although their marriage did not have a happy ending, Aquino added that she is still thankful because she has Bimby, her only son with the basketball player.

For his part, Yap’s lawyers also did not divulge the contents of the agreement as they denied that the cager received P48 million from the settlement.

Lawyer Sonya Benemerito-Castillo of the Kapunan, Garcia and Castillo Law Offices said the gag order issued by the Court prevents them s from speaking about all matters pertaining to the case.

The lawyer also clarified that the issue on property settlement has long been settled, when the parties amicably and voluntarily entered into an Agreement early this year.