Konsulado Panlahat ng Pilipinas Consulate General of the Philippines

Konsulado Panlahat ng Pilipinas Consulate General of the Philippines


The Philippine Consulate General enjoins all representatives of rnedia entities including newspapers, magazines, broadcast channels, as well as leaders and members of press clubs and other media organizations to attend the Philippine hosting of the first-ever Global Media Forum and the 16n National Press Congress which will be held on 8-10 December 2011 on Boracay lsland, Aklan, Philippines.

The joint media assembly’s theme, “Changing Face of Asian Media,” is in consonance with Presidential Proclamation 1187 declaring every December of the year as “National Press Congress Month.” Conference Speakers and resource persons have been invited from the United Nations, and other established institutions.

Topics lined up for the Global Media Forum and 16th National Press Congress are:

1) The changing face of Asian journalism in the post-internet era; 2) Adopting policies supporting media industry when market and government fails; 3) What content should print media focus on in order to survive and thrive? 4) Taking publishing to the next level; 5) Restriction on press freedom: its impact on global news industry; 6) Leadership in media; 7) Global report on innovations in newspapers; 8) Drawing the line on profit, public interest, ethics; 9) Strategies to engage the youth in media; 10) World press trends; 11) Pushing products of modern information technology; 12) New business and revenues in digital; 13) Digital platforms and revenues, Finance and lnvestments; 14) New issues facing global media industry;
15) Branding; 16) News agencies and networking; 17) Sustainability; 18) Opportunities in publishing; and 19) Visualjournalism revolution.

Filipino journalists, specially those working and residing abroad, are most welcome to join the grand media event.
For more inquiries, prospective delegates may contact the Conference Secretariat at Unit 103, lntramuros Corporate Plaza (beside the Manila Bulletin Bldg.), lntramuros, Manila Philippines with email address papi secretariat@vahoo.com and telephone (632) 5279547.