Kids ready to play ball

Kids ready to play ball

Over 200 kids and their parents are going to be spending Sundays at Gordon Bell High School from now to March as they watch basketball games to mark the 14th year of WAAY Basketball.

The league kicked off their 2014/15 season with opening ceremonies which included the parade of athletes and teams, player’s oath and ceremonial jump ball. The 2014/15 season marks the first time WAAY has partnered with a major league sponsors to help promote, build and develop league initiatives throughout the season.

Congratulations to the WAAY Filipino Youth Basketball League as they kick off their 2014/2015 season,” said Paul Norris, Vice President, Brand & Consumer Marketing. “We are excited to be partnering with WAAY and are so impressed by the dedication, work ethic and community spirit of their many athletes and volunteers.

In addition to MTS league partnership, WAAY would like to thank the Filipino Journal and IceTime Sports for their continuous support.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal