Keeping Warm with the new installation of Warming Huts on Nestaweya River Trail

The Warming Huts are back and get ready for a wild winter celebration at The Forks! The Nestaweya River Trail is about to be transformed into a living gallery of art and architecture, thanks to the annual Warming Huts competition! Teams from all over the world, including Spain, Switzerland, the US, Montreal, and Winnipeg, are at The Forks bringing their winning installations to life. And this year, high school teams and the University of Manitoba are joining in on the fun!

Warming Huts v.2023: An Arts + Architecture Competition on Ice was announced in July 2022 and the winners were selected by jury in October 2022. The competition is made possible with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Association of Architects. Don’t miss out on this exciting winter celebration!