Keep That Remote Control Busy

(A Couple of Recommended Netflix Series)

We’re already past one full year of the pandemic, but the world is yet to achieve a considerable space of normalcy. Public places for fun are still either close or partially restricted–restaurants, parks, malls, and theaters. This continues to make people homebound most of the times. And when one has more hours to spare at home, one can beat boredom or restlessness leisurely by reading a book, listening to records, or watching movies.

Speaking of watching, here are a few Netflix series that are worth checking out.

‘Sweet Tooth’ (2021)
Premiered on Netflix on June 4, 2021, the post-apocalyptic-themed ‘Sweet Tooth’ follows the story of the 10-year-old half human, half deer hybrid boy Gus (Christian Convery). Drama, suspense, and adventure are all-in-one in this adorable series. Season 1 consists of eight engaging episodes. In spite of the show’s overwhelming positive reception, there’s no news yet of the follow up. Let’s hope that Season 2 gets to be made soon.

‘Manifest’ (2018)
Premiered on September 24, 2018, ‘Manifest’ is about a commercial plane that encountered an unexpected turbulence while on flight. Fortunately, the pilot pulled through the harrowing experience; the plane and all its passengers and crew landed unscathed. However, there’s one problem–how could they return to their respective lives? For, due to an unexplained mystery, they apparently disappeared–long presumed dead by their loved ones. The storm took them to five and a half years forward into reality. How will they face their new realities? It’s then time to begin the series, which consists of 40 episodes.

The Last Leaf
These are just two of the interesting shows that you may watch on Netflix. Other noteworthy series that you may check out are ‘Lupin’ (January 2021-present; about the exploits of a professional thief; two seasons, so far), ‘Loki’ on Disney Channel (June 2021-present; continues the mischiefs of one of the adorable and compelling characters in the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe), and ‘Trése’ (June 2021; a Philippine animé-influenced series that features characters from Philippine folklore; six episodes).