Jimboy’s assailant meted life sentence; but the pain still lingers

Jimmy and Imelda Adao show compassion to the men responsible for their son’s early demise

It took less than two years before Ronald Chubb, 31, was sentenced to life, no parole for 12 years, in emotional sentencing held last January 15 in the Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Glenn Joyal.
His accomplice, Geordie Delmar James, 36, who broke into the home with Chubb in West End pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 5 years.
Jimmy Adao, Sr, and his wife, Imelda Adao could not hold their tears as the sentencing was being meted to the accused who killed their son in a violent home invasion in March 2019. The grieving parents had forgiven the assailant and his accomplice.

” Yes, justice is done but we have still the pain of losing our son. But we could do anything to bring our son back to life. We will endure this pain forever, it will not fade away, ” Imelda said. “They took away our son, so instant, so fast.”

Jimmy Adao, Jr. 17, known as “Jimboy” to many, was a Grade 12 student at Tech Voc High School who had a dream that someday he would be like his parents, owning a bakery business.
The court heard that Chubb was highly intoxicated during the incident. Jimboy was upstairs with his grandma when the home invasion happened. The teen was stabbed multiple times and died. He suffered several sharp force injuries, including a deep wound to his back.

The court heard that both men had a difficult childhood and were involved in many crimes.

“I do feel sorry for them and if they had that love in their childhood, this could not happen to us,” Imelda said.

“He stole our son and his dream. Our pain is unbearable losing our son in that way, and as long as I live, this painful chapter in our lives will not fade,” Jimmy Adao Sr.

The couple and their mother have not moved to any other home. “We will remain in that house because of the many memories of our son. Our decision not to move to another house is because we want to feel the presence of Jimboy,” Imelda said.

Last year, some changes had been made in their Jimel’s Bakery when they added the name of their son, Jimboy, as part of the brand. And in Talavera, Nueva Ecija, they built a bakery in his honour.

“We know that Jimboy is very passionate in our business and his dream to own a bakery became a reality,” Jimmy Sr. said.