Jericho Rosales Addresses Kathryn Bernardo Courting Rumors

Kathryn Bernardo and Jericho Rosales
Photo source: Instagram/ Nice Print Photo

Actor Jericho Rosales subtly refuted speculations of him courting Kapamilya star Kathryn Bernardo during an interview with entertainment reporter MJ Felipe. When questioned about his priorities for the year, including finding love, Rosales promptly responded with a “No.” Addressing rumors circulating earlier this year about his relationship with Bernardo, Rosales, with a smile, stated he avoids social media to maintain a clear mind. Despite persistent inquiries from Felipe, Rosales reiterated his focus on career and family, emphasizing it’s too early for romantic pursuits in 2024. Recent claims by talent manager Ogie Diaz suggested Rosales, along with actor Alden Richards, were vying for Bernardo’s affection, alleging preferences from Bernardo’s family favor Richards due to his perceived responsibility and financial stability. Richards has been notably present at Bernardo’s family events, further fueling speculation surrounding the actress’ romantic interests.