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Javier in for a fair fight

Javier in for a fair fight

WINNIPEG – Conservative candidate Julie Javier says Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s claim that her candidacy is not fair and a game to take votes from the Liberal candidate because of her Filipino heritage is regrettable.

“It’s regrettable that Mr. Ignatieff said that my candidacy is nothing more than a game. I can tell you, it’s no game that crime is out of control in Winnipeg while he continues his soft on crime approach. It’s no game that he is promising to cancel very important jobs at Bristol that our community desperately needs. I am the only one on the ballot who will get tough on crime, that will keep taxes down, will support families and jobs, and who will give this riding a voice in the government of Canada.” Said Javier.

Michael Ignatieff made the comment while campaigning in the Winnipeg North by-election. He claims that the Conservatives are running a Filipino only to take votes from the Liberal candidate.

“Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberals would not be good for Winnipeg North. They are soft on crime and try to do whatever they can to delay, block, or gut Conservative tough on crime legislation.” Continued Javier. “The Ignatieff Liberals would be bad for the economy by cancelling the F-35 contract, cancelling many jobs in Winnipeg at Bristol. And Mr. Ignatieff said he would raise taxes, including business and payroll taxes, which would halt our economic recovery in its tracks, and according to experts kill almost 400,000 jobs.”